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I was feeling very excited when I first receive the email from Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) regarding the event of Starting Up 2013 (#Startathon). In the email, it mentioned that there will be “workshop stations” exposing us to various technologies including prototyping with Arduino Board, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, and Raspberry Pi. I was looking forward to the event since the early of the month!

I always believe that “good things are meant to be shared” so I offered this opportunity to a few friends that potentially might like this kind of event. The event description, however, was very vague and there was not much information until the date is near. “You are required to bring anything needed to build your prototype.” I was shock to read this in the email. We were unprepared and without any slightest idea of what ingenious and creative thing that we could invent. We had a meeting over lunch and my friend was suggesting to do The Pill Dispenser – part of my FYP. Brilliant idea!!

Looking forward to the event tonight!! 🙂