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Finally ended my examinations, done with EEE InnoChallenge, and submitted the entry for Shell Ideas360 Global Student Competition. šŸ™‚ Now I have all my time for FYP again!

Firstly, let me explore Gertboard (which has been there since Day 1), which is a GPIO extension board for Raspberry Pi. The user manual that I am using for Gertboard can be found here.

Raspi.tv gave a good overview of Gertboard and a summary of things to do:

1. Connect up Gertboard by plugging in to the Raspberry Pi GPIO headers.

gertboard connected to raspberry pi

Gertboard and Raspberry Pi

2. Get wiringpi by typing this:
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip

sudo pip install wiringpi

Well I get WiringPi following the instructions here too.

3. Get Python Gertboard software from Raspi.tv by typing the following in Raspberry Pi.
wget http://raspi.tv/download/GB_Python.zip
unzip GB_Python.zip
cd GB_Python

You can open up README.txt to find out more instructions on how to install the packages needed to run Python programs.

4. Test the first program by typing:
sudo python leds-rg.py
This will show additional instructions on how to connect the jumper wires.

gertboard instruction

Connection instructions

Connect up as instructed and hit “enter” key.
gertboard connection

Jumper wires connection

The LEDs will light up and flash.

5. Test the buttons by typing
sudo python buttons-rg.py

And connect up as shown:

gertboard connection

Jumper wires connection

The terminal will show “1” when button is not pressed and “0” when button is pressed.

To be continued…

RPi.GPIO Cheatsheet ca be found here: