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Secured Shell connection comes in handy when you need to remotely access your Raspberry Pi. I couldn’t get a static IP address working for my Raspberry Pi [Forum Thread] but John Vd Walt from Pi Club SG said that I could just type in the default hostname “raspberrypi” in PuTTY to connect to my R-Pi. Unfortunately it did not work and we guessed that it’s probably because I am connected to my campus network. The discussion in the forum also mentioned that I should try requesting a static IP address from my campus network admin.

So all I could do for now is to type ifconfig in R-Pi terminal to find out R-Pi’s dynamically assigned IP address. Then I could connect to R-Pi through PuTTY using that IP address.

Even so, SSH is still useful when I need to copy and paste some codes to a file in R-Pi, or transfer a file over using FTP, or do a screenshot of R-Pi using the printscreen button on my laptop.

I guess I’m the headless one instead of my Raspberry Pi. :/