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I was following through this tutorial when I edited the passwd file of my Raspberry Pi. I missed out a step which states that I should log in as root before editing the file as such:

nano /etc/passwd
find the line pi:x;1000:1000:Raspberry Pi User,,,:home/pi:/bin/bash
and change it to
"#pi:x;1000:1000:Raspberry Pi User,,,:home/pi:/bin/bash".

Then everything starts to go haywire. R-Pi does not recognize me anymore. I restart SSH but I couldn’t log in as pi anymore. Even on Raspberry Pi itself, instead of showing pi@raspberrypi, it gave me “i-have-no-name!@raspberrypi! That scares me for near half an hour. I couldn’t find any solution using search term “raspberry pi i have no name”. I wanted to access the file manually using file manager but raspberry pi was running on full load (that scary full green bar). Later, i tried another search term “unknown uid 1000”, i managed to find some relevant cases but the solutions are rather complicated (edit to single user, edit the cmdline.txt etc). I was delight when I could access the passwd file. I uncomment that line but I couldn’t save it because permission is denied.

i have no name raspberry pi
I was on the verge to give up when I tried to login using SSH again. I suddenly realize that I was logging in as pi, which means I can log in as root! Luckily i set the password for root before i edit that file. So i was able to login and change that passwd file. Thank God! 😀

I guess I should do a backup soon! :s