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I’ve done a backup to my Raspberry Pi 8Gb SD card today. D:

To stream the video from Raspberry Pi camera to my Windows based laptop, i followed 2 steps:

1. Set up the client (my laptop)

  • Download MPlayer

  • Download Netcat

  • Find your laptop IP address (192.168.xxx.xxx) by typing ipconfig in the command line (cmd.exe)
  • In cmd.exe, type the following:
    [Path to nc.exe]\nc.exe -L -p 5001 | [Path to mplayer.exe]\mplayer.exe -fps 31 -cache 1024 -

2. Transmit the feed from Raspberry Pi with camera module attached

Type the following in the terminal:

raspivid -t 999999 -o – | nc [insert the IP address of the client] 5001

The screen starts up quite instantly as the background.

Oh why is it green? :(

Oh why is it green? 😦

The feed is a bit laggy for now and I have to find ways to tune it.

I also tried to use “Motion” as featured in this article: How to make a DIY home alarm system with a Raspberry Pi and a webcam.
But apparently, it does not seem to work for my Pi camera. It shows nothing on the browser or VLC media player. **i guess i have to figure out how to turn on the Pi camera without hanging it.

Unable to play the video

Unable to play the video

However I am able to configure the motion.conf from port 8080. 🙂

Next up, I tried How to build and run MJPG-Streamer on the Raspberry Pi. Not sure if all those above will crash with each other or not. :/

It failed somehow. :/Screenshot 2014-01-06 16.36.31

Screenshot 2014-01-06 16.39.00

Here is another tutorial worth trying for: Raspberry Pi camera board live streaming

Not much success neither! 😦