Integration to Comfort system – Day 1 and 2

Epic Zoe

I had stop doing the integration of Raspberry Pi with Comfort system since I completed my Industrial Attachment last June. It is until recently that my FYP requires me to demonstrate the extendability of Raspberry Pi to other home automation system that I come back to the office and retouch the project I left over.

I used the UART of Raspberry Pi to perform serial communication with Comfort system. My boss had been telling me that it would be better if we could use the Ethernet connection instead. I wasn’t very clear of how it should work because the boards and the serial connection have been haunting me for months. I did not even know what keywords to search for in Google.

Yesterday, when I came back to the office again, greet by the friendly smile of my ex-colleagues, sat on the same chair, facing the same laptop and oh…

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