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I would like to credit silvermelchior for writing up such a nice app for Raspberry Pi camera which allows the RPi camera to be used to stream live feed, capture image, capture video and to be featured on a personal web page. This is exactly what I have been looking for!

I reclone my SD card. (Thankfully I did a back up before I try all those camera tutorials!) It took me a while to follow through the tutorial here because updating the firmware and so on took some time. I reboot RPi twice and it went perfectly fine!

Basically these are the steps I followed:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo rpi-update

wget -N http://grustu.ch/share/rpi_cam/RPi_Cam_Browser_Control_Installer.sh
chmod u+x RPi_Cam_Browser_Control_Installer.sh
./RPi_Cam_Browser_Control_Installer.sh install

./RPi_Cam_Browser_Control_Installer.sh autostart_idle –> the interface starts at startup, but waits until you push the button “start camera” on the website to take control over the camera

By accessing the IP address of my RPi from my laptop, I am able to see the live stream. The live stream is even better and smoother than the previous test which I used raspivid and netcat. (Oh, is it because i’m currently attaching an Ethernet cable to RPi apart from the WiFi dongle?) I can also take pictures and videos and these will be saved in the SD card. Apart from that, I can see the preview of those captured images, download and delete them if I want.


The RPi Camera Web Interface (Default)


The captured image

I can even transfer this interface to my own web app which I will most probably  do it some other day!

Good night! 🙂