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The good thing about Gertboard is that it contains the ATmega chip which allows us to program anything that an Arduino board is capable of! All we have to do is to install Arduino IDE on Raspberry Pi. The instructions can be found here: Arduino IDE Installation

Time to put the servo motors in play! 😀


Miss out a a paragraph in the tutorial above and I’m so worried over my Raspberry Pi now.

This script will fetch and overwrite some system files (keeping backups first) If you’re not sure about this, then do inspect the script and run it line by line if you want to.

And then, the first thing the setup.sh does was to disable the serial console. I was struck by it. “How can I login remotely now??” Just a second ago, I came to my sense that I’m using SSH to login and not serial port right?? I used serial port only for the Tx and Rx of serial communication with Comfort system last time.

Oh anyway, I didn’t do a second backup for quite some time. The problem is that one backup takes up 7Gb of my laptop hard disk and I only left with 10Gb now. Time to clear stuff!

Have been progressing slow recently due to Chinese New Year and a module called Engineer and Society. Presentation will be on next Tuesday, right after Chinese New Year. :/