I posted a question on R-Pi Official Forum to ask about the control of servo with Raspberry Pi. It led me to a new discovery! One thing I like about open source is that anyone can develop anything to meet certain needs. And everyone is so willing to share because they have benefited from others as well. 🙂 It’s really something nice going on around the globe.

Anyway, back to the servo problem that I had. Joan mentioned in the forum that I don’t need any extra hardware as I can control servos directly from Raspberry Pi’s GPIO. He has written a program called PiGPIO (to prevent myself or anyone seeing it as pig-pio, I used capital letters to differentiate them, Pi – GPIO) which allows the control of General Purpose Input/Output on Raspberry Pi. The program is written in c language but I can access it with Python.

If this program works, I can eliminate the need of Gertboard, servo controller, or arduino totally!

Hopefully I am daring enough to try my servos out tomorrow.