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I have been trying to let the web app to communicate with the python script which will control the servo motors, but to no avail. No one answered my question on Stack Overflow forum yet.

Anyway, I guess I know what is the problem that causes the web app to be unable to communicate with the python script. The python function is not web-enabled. Previously I was using CherryPy to run the web server. And now the server on R-Pi is controlled by the camera. Oh! is it because I have not start the camera? But that’s not true. If the server hasn’t start, I won’t be able to access the web app from network laptop.

Anyway, back to CherryPy. Every Python function that needs to be accessed over the web has to be “exposed” as followed:

def pythonFunction:

And the python script is ran to start the server. Hmm, this is tricky. But I have to sleep now. 😦