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I went to the Open Innovation lab today and cut the plastic bottle with a very cool and scary tool. There is a very technical guy who showed me how to piece up the tool and gave instructions on how to use it. I don’t remember what that tool is called but I regret that I did not bring all the bottles that I need to cut. I am always afraid to do use tools that are powered by electricity and with sharp end, and there are so many precautionary procedures to remember. Anyway, I cut the bottles into 3 parts, anxiously.

bottle cut into 3 parts

Bottle has been cut into 3 parts.

The 3D printer in the lab isn’t ready yet but the person in charge mentioned that I can pass the drawing to him so that someone can help me to print it. I tried to redraw the customized servo horn using SolidWorks. It was so devastating! I Googled and watched many Youtube videos just to get some clues on where to find certain tools or create a shape. (I haven’t touch Solidworks for months…)The guy in the lab suggested Tinkercad and 123D 3D Modelling software as they are easier to use. They seem relatively simple and there are less functions but may not suitable for my project purpose.

Anyhow, I managed to get that simple drawing out after 4 hours. :/ I hope I can print it out soon.

solidworks drawing

customized servo horn