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– Able to control servo movements from the web app, but some errors such as TypeError: 'int' object has no attribute '__getitem__' still exists. I noticed that the function “left” did not get executed completely as the servostatus was not returned to the web page and there is no alert shown. Then I couldn’t execute the next one and the internet connection would die. It’s probably due to the servo drawing the current as well.

Camera could still work but it cannot be deployed on port 5000 as it is using Apache2 web server. And Flask application cannot be used at port 80 as it is being used by Apache2. One way is to kill Apache2 server but that would mean my camera would be useless. Another way is to use mod_wsgi which I will look at if I have enough time.

In conclusion, these 2 will be separated. Camera at port 80 and pill dispenser app at some other port. Talking about pill dispenser, the 3D printer is taking forever and ever to get fixed. Nothing goes well. 😦

Anyway, I think I should try CherryPy instead if I were to exclude the camera app from the same page. Aza aza!
Next up!
– tidy up camera app and get a simple cherrypy interface out.
– do backup for the current image
– uninstall Flask
– try cherrypy app