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-On 16Gb SD Card-

Camera App working
CherryPy working – managed to solve the issue of not being able to display css and static files.

The tutorial.conf has to be modified as follow (added the tools.staticdir.root):

server.socket_host = ""
server.socket_port = 8080
server.thread_pool = 10
tools.staticdir.root = "/home/pi/CherryPy/control_test"
tools.staticdir.on = True
tools.staticdir.dir = "static"

Installed PIGPIO

Able to control servo from the web page and display servo position. 🙂 – servo moves from position 1500 to 900 when i click on “dispense pill button”.

dbmgmt.php is in static folder – working but addEntry.php not yet working – waiting for solution from cherrypy experts on the forum.

Simulate simple light on and off.

Installed RPI-GPIO
Tried LED blink test- success. See next post for details.