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Yesterday I gave myself a fright while performing a demonstration to my prof.

My SD card was corrupted, for the second time.

In fact, it was because I plugged in my prof’s keyboard and mouse while starting up which caused a sudden large amount of current being drawn from Raspberry Pi. Luckily I had another backup SD card (8Gb) which contains almost the same thing except that the web app is run using Flask.

Well, I have to rewrite the image into the corrupted 16Gb SD card using the first back up file (in Jan). Some of the things that i had to install and configure since last night till this morning were:

  1. Camera App
  2. CherryPy
  3. PiGPIO
  4. Transfered all app files to the card
  5. Tested servo
  6. RPi-GPIO
  7. Tested LED control

And now, time for another backup!

UPDATE: OMG, I need a 16Gb space to back up my 16Gb SD card!!! and my D:/ has only 14.7.Gb left.