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Caffeine rush. Brain malfunction. Limited buffer size. Information overflow.

So apparently there are 2 options to be explored in order to solve the multiple server problems. First of all is to use a reverse proxy, probably Nginx. Not really sure how it is going to work but seems legit.

Secondly, mod_wsgi with CherryPy. Still hasn’t understand what it is for.

Do they actually solve my problems? A few forum questions been asked:

Cannot Access phpmyadmin from Cherrypy port 8080

Access phpmyadmin from Cherrypy port 8080

How to merge port 80 and port 8080?

Accessing MySQL database

If I have one more sem to restudy all these as one module, I may be able to come up with the solution. Now I only have at most 1 more week to settle all these and write a report.

misc links for ref: