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More coding!
More testing!
More results!

Yay, this is going to be a long post as I’ve achieved quite a lot today. But my index finger got hurt while making circuit today:(

My 3D printing is done for the time being. Left with assembling the parts which I can delay it till a week before demo day.

I wrote an algorithm for my pill dispenser last midnight (this morning?) and get to test it out today. šŸ˜€ Will do 3 separate posts on it.
1. Turning the camera in steps
2. Control servos based on the checkbox checked
3. Repeat servo movement based on the number input.

And yay, I managed to get my circuit running on this Regal DC Supply! (i have been eyeing on it for very long O_O)

Regol DC Supply

Regol DC Supply – supplying 5V, 1A

Connecting the 5V and Gnd

Connecting the 5V and Gnd

Connecting to the servo :)

Connecting to the servo šŸ™‚

Just one thing to note when connecting external power supply to the servo motors. Connect the supply ground to Raspberry Py’s ground!

The helpful nice guy in the lab told me that, to supply the power from RPi to the servo motors safely, connect a capacitor (47uF) between source and ground and connect a reverse diode near to the source to absorb the EMF and reuse it. (ok, i may remember this wrong because it has been more than 12 hours since he told me this)