Gertboard is named after its designer, Gert van Loo, who is one of the volunteers spending a lot of efforts and time in making the Raspberry Pi. It is an IO expansion board for the Raspberry Pi with a lot of flexibility.

It can be plugged into the GPIO header of Raspberry Pi and it will start detecting and responding to events in the real world. Jumper wires and pin jumpers provided with the Gertboard allow reconfiguration of the board in any number of ways. Gertboard can be used to detect button presses or analog voltages, control motors or relays and many more functions. It is the ultimate tool for exploring the Raspberry Pi’s full I/O potential!

gert board unpack

Gertboard with Jumper Wires and Pin Jumpers

Gertboard top view



  • Plugs directly onto Raspberry Pi GPIO socket
  • Motor controller, capable controlling a motor bi-directionally, delivering 18V and 2A maximum
  • Dual-channel D-to-A converter, 8-bit
  • Dual-channel A-to-D converter, 10-bit
  • Onboard Atmel ATmega328 MCU for running off-board programs which are written, compiled and uploaded to Gertboard from Raspberry Pi
  • 6 x open collector outputs
  • 12 x LED indicators
  • 3 x momentary push switches
  • 10 x strap cables included
  • 18 x jumpers included

Get the User Manual (Rev.2) here.

Get one from Sparkfun here.


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